Friday, March 29, 2013

Planned Parenthood and Infanticide

I know the trendy new term is "post-birth abortion" but let's use the old term of "infanticide."  There are those people that would like to keep the discussion rarefied and abstract.  This was the case a year ago when "ethicists" wrote an essay defending infanticide--see HEREHERE, and HERE.  Now here's a video with a representative of Planned Parenthood standing before a Florida legislature unable and unwillingly to speak with clarity about what to do with a live child which is the result of a "botched abortion."  Listen as Alisa LaPolt Snow attempts to dodge the implications of child killing.  Also notice that in the end she has to speak of "logistics" (read "convenience") to justify inactivity that would directly cause the death of a baby. Weep for the blindness and be angered at the callousness of our culture.

I first saw this video at The Weekly Standard.