Thursday, February 28, 2019

Religious Freedom and Civil Rights: Balancing Competing Claims in the Courts and the Public Square--Video

Glendale Community College's annual Critical Dialogues panel discussion held on February 26, 2019

Introductory Remarks: 10:30

Peter Lupu: 18:40-38:45

Alessandra Soler: 39:00-59:05

Jonathan Scruggs: 59:30-1:17:36

Terri Desai: 1:17:55-1:38:00

Richard Klaus: 1:38:20-1:55:35

Question & Answers: Starts at 1:55:40
-Richard asks Alessandra Soler a question: 1:58:30
-Question about businesses that have nothing to with religion making religious claims; Terri Desai brings up Hobby Lobby case: 2:14:10-2:21:40
-Richard's mom asks a question and Richard brings up the issue of wedding cake as a "manifestation" of religion: 2:21:40-2:27:00
-Peter speaks to the difficulty of issues; Terri Desai speaks of Framer's of Constitution as classical liberals who believed in progress; Richard speaks to the natural law tradition of the Framer's: 2:33:55-2:38:45
-Jonathan Scruggs speaks of difficult and easy cases as well as two distinctions (1) speech vs. conduct and (2) message vs. class of people; Peter's objection of the creation of more problems and Jonathan Scruggs answer that this may create more tolerance: 2:55:00 to the end.