Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Mark Meditations: Mark 3.13-19

Mark 3.13-19

* Jesus goes up on a mountain (symbolic of Moses?)
* Jesus appoints 12 to be with him yet one will betray him (v. 19)
* Jesus wants them to be with him and to send them out to preach and cast out demons
* Jesus gives (his) authority to cast out demons
-Jesus empowers for ministry
And he went up on the mountain and summoned those
whom he himself wanted, and they came to him.
And he appointed twelve, so that they would be with him
and that he could send them out to preach,
and to have authority to cast out demons.
Mark 3.13-15

-Be with Jesus
-Jesus sends them out: (1) to preach and (2) to have authority to cast out demons

* Our job is to be with Jesus.  He will send us out as he sees fit.  He will empower us for ministry in the Word and Power.