Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Forensic Report on Planned Parenthood Videos

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has released a forensic report on the Planned Parenthood videos that have been taken by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP).  The ADF blog has a post entitled New Forensic Report Flushes Planned Parenthood's "Highly Edited" Talking Point which describes the summary details of a forensic analysis done by Coalfire--a company that specializes in digital forensic analysis.  Here are a few excerpts from the ADF blog post:
 But yesterday ADF released the results of a new forensic report that debunks this talking point. Coalfire, one of the country’s most trusted digital forensic analysis companies, released a report indicating the undercover videos recorded by the Center for Medical Progress are “authentic and show no evidence of manipulation.” 
Forensic analysts were granted access to all of the raw investigated footage recorded by the Center for Medical Progress and checked it against the full length videos posted on the CMP YouTube account. They found the only events not depicted in the publicly available videos fell into five common categories: commuting, waiting, adjusting recording equipment, meals, and restroom breaks. All of the edited content was “non-pertinent” to the actual investigation.
Later the post states:
Even Planned Parenthood’s own paid for “analysis” confirms that there is “no evidence of audio manipulation” and that it did not reveal “widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation.” But Planned Parenthood and its media allies have ignored this fact, focusing instead on their suspicion of the missing parts of the full videos available on YouTube. And now we have confirmation of just how ridiculous this fixation has been.
Be sure to read the full blog post by ADF.  The full report from Coalfire is linked to from the ADF blog post as well.