Wednesday, October 23, 2019

God & Truth VII: Philosophical and Religious Views on Immigration and Community

Glendale Community College
God & Truth VII
"Philosophical and Religious Views on
Immigration and Community"
October 22, 2019


Derek Ayala
"Buddhism: The Middle Path of Community and Immigration"

Richard Klaus
"The Contours of Community: Christians as Resident Aliens and National Citizens"

Peter Lupu
"What Does Faith-and Reason-Have To Do With Immigration?"

0:00-3:02-- Introductory comments by Derek Ayala

3:02--28:30-- Derek Ayala: Set up topic and presentation

28:40-47:23-- Richard Klaus presentation

47:40-1:21:30-- Peter Lupu presentation

Question & Answer:

1st Question (1:22:30): Basis of legal immigration; merit based

2nd Question (1:29:27): Biggest challenge for Christians regarding current policies; charity to other countries; mercy and compassion; balancing goods of helping other countries vs. our own
*Note: In my comments I mention Evangelical charitable giving versus giving to "culture war" institution--these comments are based on the research of David French here.
3rd Question (1:36:25): Three questions--one for each panelist
a) to Derek: Buddhist perspective on open borders and foreign aid
b) to Richard: Which perspective--Creation or Fall--is most helpful in analyzing policies
c) to Peter: Examples of specific policies to consider
4th Question: to different panelists
a) to Derek: Caste system and immigration
b) to Richard and Peter: Evangelical voting in regards to abortion and immigration
* Peter offers critique of both Buddhist and Christian views of the afterlife (2:00:10).

* Question from audience about enlightment (2:03:15).

* Peter and Richard go back-and-forth on Genesis and the notion of the "Fall" (2:11:30--2:25:00).

Some resources:

* Peter and Richard both mentioned the important essay: Two Theories of Immigration by Mark R. Amstutz.

* Here are some further resources I (Richard) put together: Resources on Immigration