Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mark Meditations: Mark 1.9-14

* A series based on my personal meditations in the Gospel of Mark.  

Mark 1.9-14

In every verse, Jesus is with someone; someone is with him:
v 9: baptized by John
v 10: Spirit
v 11: Voice out of the heavens
v 12: Spirit impelled him to go into wilderness 
v 13: tempted by Satan, with wild beasts, angels ministering to him
* "You are my beloved Son, in you I am well-pleased."
* The living God has resources we cannot imagine even in dire circumstances.
-In the wilderness being tempted by Satan and yet there are angels ministering to Jesus.
* Jesus wins against temptation in the wilderness against Satan.  What an onslaught this must have been and yet Jesus is faithful!  He is our Champion--our Savior.

* Jesus is spoken by John as the one who will baptize with the Spirit (v 8) and Jesus is baptized and the Spirit comes upon him.  He then must undergo temptation.  He will ultimately undergo the cross and after his resurrection, he will pour forth the Spirit upon the church.

* The Spirit is not given for personal ease and comfort of circumstance.  He is given to endure temptation and accomplish the will of God.