Friday, July 27, 2018

James Sire on Apologetic Methodology

* The following is from James Sire's essay "On Being a Fool for Christ and an Idiot for Nobody: Logocentricity and Postmodernity" in Christian Apologetics in the Postmodern World eds. Timothy R. Phillips and Dennis L. Ekholm (Downers Grove, Ill.: Intervarsity Press, 1995), p. 115.

"In other words, one apologetic technique is to show the inadequacy of alternatives to the Christian worldview.  If one can show that a proposed alternative is self-stultifying, self-referentially incoherent, fails to take relevant data into account and misunderstands the data it does deal with, then the proponents of this alternative may be open to hearing how the Christian worldview does deal adequately with the facts, is self-consistent and coherent and sheds light on even the most puzzling human issues.  If, in fact, we are correct that human beings can access reality, that the creation is imbued with rationality, that our minds can work rationally even though we think we they can't, then we can count on producing some cognitive dissonance among those that are living and trying to think contrary to the way they were designed to live and think (and actually do function in most of their daily thoughts)."