Monday, October 30, 2017

God & Truth V: God, Morality and the Euthyphro Challenge

Glendale Community College's panel discussion God & Truth: God, Morality, and the Euthyphro Challenge on October 24, 2017.  My presentation was entitled "What's Your Problem?" How Euthyphro Challenges Us All.

Here is a rough breakdown of the contents:

7:05  Welcome: Peter Lupu

8:05  Comments by GCC president Dr. Teresa Leyba Ruiz

9:35  Peter Lupu: Introduction to speakers and topic of Euthyphro dilemma

17:10  Dr. Michael Valle

28:00  Dr. Owen Anderson

37:30  Dr. Tuomas Manninen

47:50  Richard Klaus

1:04:30  Professor Peter Lupu

1:24:30  Begin Question and Answer

1:24:30  Context of Euthyphro dilemma
1:28:40  Take God out of the context; what if God had not given commandments; explicit vs. implicit revelation
1:36:00  Trustworthiness of New Testament text
1:38:50  Humanity as flawed and Jesus as human; difficult to understand Jesus; how do we know what is written
1:44:14  Problem of evil; did God create evil?
1:51:14  Goodness and "necessariness"
2:05:27  What is God--a being or a set of properties?  Personalistic conception of God vs. Transcendent conception of God.  Humanity as a manifestation of God or created in his image?  God's wrath.
2:15:25  Knowledge, certainty, and the method of inquiry.
2:22:13  What if God comes from morality and morality comes from man?  What if humans invented morality and invented God?  If we did not exist would God exist?  Conceptual idolatry.
2:33:30  Distinction between truth and falsity.  Thoughts as true or false.
2:35:49  Integrity of Bible and factual claims about its development.
2:39:45  Why can't morals be seen as merely instinct?