Thursday, March 16, 2017

Historical Jesus Resource by Rob Bowman

Credo Courses offers a number of resources on theological and apologetical issues.  They have a short course entitled "The Historical Jesus" by Rob Bowman.  For details of the series see HERE.

Apart from buying the course (which looks like it would be very worthwhile to do!) there are two resources listed along with the course that can be downloaded for free.

1.  The course syllabus can be downloaded HERE.  What is especially helpful is the extensive bibliographies listed for each section of the course.  A number of the items have the web address for access online.  So even if you don't get the course this resource has a number of good links to follow for research on the various issues covered in the class.

2.  Dr. Bowman's notes for the class can be downloaded HERE.  These notes contain a number of helpful charts and outlines covering such things as the synoptic problem, other ancient Christian and non-Christian writings, defenses of the miracles in the Gospels, the resurrection of Jesus, and much more.