Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wayne Grudem on the "Stupendous Affirmation" of the Bible as the Word of God

In preparation for preaching a portion of Psalm 119 I remembered these words from Wayne Grudem about the Word of God.  He gave them in a 1999 Evangelical Theological Society presidential address.

But do we ponder the implications of this stupendous affirmation? We are saying that throughout the entire history of the world, and throughout all written documents of all civilizations, the eternal, omnipotent Creator of the universe, the God who will one day judge every human being who has ever lived—this God who is over all has given the human race just one collection of his written words: This book. The Bible. 

The Bible alone is the Word of God written. There are no other written words of God anywhere else in the entire world. And the Bible in its entirety is the Word of God written. Every single bit of this book in the original documents has a fundamentally different character from every other bit of writing in the entire world.

--Wayne Grudem, “Do We Act As If We Really Believe That ‘The Bible Alone, and the Bible in its Entirety, is the Word of God Written’?”  1999 ETS presidential address JETS 43 (2000), 5.