Friday, August 23, 2013

Covenantal Bacon

A few years ago a friend was working on writing a book.  Her husband asked at the time that I not mention the topic of the book since it was still in the research phase.  I really didn't know the topic of research so for fun I told him that I was sending out the following information whenever people asked me about the book (which no one ever did).

Title: Covenantal Bacon: Rethinking the Culinary Consequences of the New Covenant

Genre: Cookbook with theological analysis

Publisher's comments: The first book of its kind: a cookbook filled with recipes all revolving around bacon and insightful theological analysis accompanying every recipe.  Sure to spark debate and heat up ovens with the wonders of bacon.  A special appendix entitled "Carnitas in the Eschatological Kingdom" is sure to cause controversy as the author argues: (1) Yes, there will be animals in the eternal state and (2) we will eat them!  Mrs. L-- offers a fresh metaphysical perspective as to how God's people can enjoy animal flesh without causing pain and suffering.  She also offers a few pork-centered recipes she believes will be served in the eternal state so you can get a little "taste of heaven" now!

Backcover endorsements:

On my hit television show "Hell's Kitchen" I come off like a foul talking a--hole.  But after reading L--'s Covenantal Bacon I was almost persuaded to become a Christian!  Her joyous prose dances across the page with happy clarity and her recipes are simply amazing.  Who would have thought that bacon and raspberries could be wrapped in a tortilla and then deep fried.  And then to read the insightful commentary on this recipe and to see L-- discuss the perichoretic implications of such a dish--WOW!  If you only buy one cookbook this year make sure it's one of mine--but if you're able to get one after that be sure to pick up Covenantal Bacon.     
                    --Gordon Ramsey (celebrity chef and star of "Hell's Kitchen")

I'm a theologian and not a cook although I have been accused of "cooking up" some strange exegetical dishes in my writings.  Mrs. L--'s Covenantal Bacon is thoroughly researched and elegantly written.  I especially liked the recipe called "Promised Land Snack"--a sandwich of peanut butter, bacon, and cilantro.  Mrs. L-- did not fail to bring out the typological implications of this morsel in her commentary on this recipe--"Cilantro as a typological representation of Eden"--absolutely brilliant!  I have found all sorts of off-the-wall stuff in Scripture but Mrs. L--'s culinary exegesis "takes the cake" (or should I say, "brings home the bacon?!").  Three cheers for Covenantal Bacon!
                    --James Jordan (author of Pig Out? 25 Reasons Why Christians May Eat Pork)