Tuesday, October 23, 2018

God & Truth VI: Is There Meaning in the World? Religion or Secular Humanism: That Is the Question?

Glendale Community College's "God & Truth VI"
"Is There Meaning in the World? 
Religion or Secular Humanism:
That Is the Question?
October 23, 2018

My notes from my presentation: Disenchantment's Dead End: Why Secularism Fails

Here are some time stamps from the video:

Peter Lupu's opening remarks outlining some key concepts: 9:40-13:50

Dr. Kelly Burton "Religon and the Secular After Disenchantment" 14:00-36:00

Dr. Michael Valle "Deism as Middle Ground" 37:00-55:35

Peter Lupu "Is There a Dis-enchantment Problem with Secular Humanism?" 55:57-1:18:22

Richard Klaus Disenchantment's Dead End: Why Secularism Fails" 1:18:39-1:34:40

Dr. Owen Anderson "Revealed Religion and Natural Theology: The Role of General Revelation in Finding Meaning" 1:35:10-1:56:40

I have a couple of question and answers interchanges at these time stamps:

2:01:52-2:02:47   God as good and vengeful not contradictory

2:34:15-2:35:40   Issue of "how" God creates is separable from the fact that he creates

Note: I had a couple more interchanges but late in the session my microphone went out.

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