Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Gender & Sexuality: Current Controversies and the Common Good: Video

Here are some time stamps for the video:

Introductions by Professor Peter Lupu:  4:05-5:50

Dr. Jeffery Ventrella: 5:55-23:45

Richard Klaus; 23:55-40:47

Dr. Jeanne Saint-Amour: 41:00-56:44

Professor Peter Lupu: 56:55-1:22:33

Q & A: Selections
1. A question directed to Richard Klaus: 1:49:00-1:55:26
2. Richard asks about agreements on panel regarding children and transgenderism: 2:08:08-2:12:54
3. A question directed to Richard about circumcision, changing the body, and "the man in the sky;" allegation of "no Scripture has evidence": 2:16:28-2:22:00
4. A question directed to Dr. Ventrella--"Do you believe in the Bible?" and I mention my article on slavery written for the Christian Post: 2:28:56-2:32:04

For the notes to my presentation: Cultural Conflict Regarding Sexuality: Philosophical Roots of Our Current Debates

For resources used in my presentation: Transgenderism: Books and Articles