Tuesday, June 16, 2015

God's Book, the Bible: Some Quotations

But do we ponder the implications of this stupendous affirmation?  We are saying that throughout the entire history of the world, and throughout all written documents of all civilizations, the eternal, omnipotent Creator of the universe, the God who will one day judge every human being who has ever lived--this God who is over all has given the human race just one collection of his written words: This book.  The Bible.   --Wayne Grudem

* From the last interview Francis Schaeffer gave before his death in March 1984.

Q: You have a deep love for God's truth and His Word.  Would you share from your personal experience?

Schaeffer: I don't love this book because it has a leather cover and golden edges.  I don't love it as a "holy book."  I love it because it is God's book.  Through it, the Creator of the universe has told us who He is, how to come to Him through Christ, who we are, what all reality is.  Without the Bible we wouldn't have anything.

It may sound melodramatic, but sometimes in the morning I reach for my Bible and just pat it.  I am so thankful for it.  If the God who is there had created the earth and then remained silent, we wouldn't know who He is.  But the Bible reveals the God who is there; that is why I love it.  I don't love the Bible as a book.  I love it because of its content and who gave the content.  I feel this more strongly, emotionally as well as intellectually every year that my life passes.