Saturday, December 7, 2013

Glory and Greatness of Christ: Some Quotations

Instinctively we do not class Him with others.  
When one reads His name in a list beginning with Confucius 
and ending with Goethe we feel it is an offence 
less against orthodoxy than against decency.  
Jesus is not one of the group of the world's great.  
Talk about Alexander the Great and 
Charles the Great and Napoleon the Great, if you will... 
Jesus is apart.  He is not the Great; 
He is the Only.  
He is simply Jesus.
--P. Carnegie Simpson  

If Shakespeare were to come into the room we 
would all rise up to greet him, but if Jesus Christ were to enter 
we would fall on our knees and seek to kiss 
the hem of His garment.
--Charles Lamb