Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gospel of John Prayer

I'm teaching a New Testament survey class for high schoolers and we are currently going through the Gospel of John.  I crafted this prayer for us to pray as we begin our class and for us to use as we individually read through this Gospel.  I attempted to structure the prayer in a Trinitarian fashion and to use explicit language and concepts from the Gospel of John.

Gospel of John Prayer

Father, I believe you have sent your Son Jesus into
            the world to save the world;
            continue to draw me to Jesus through
                        the Gospel of John.[1]

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the Good Shepherd
            who lays down your life for your sheep;
            Help me to hear your voice in
                        the Gospel of John.[2]

Holy Spirit, I believe you have been sent
            by the Father and the Son;
            Glorify Jesus and guide me into truth through
                        the Gospel of John.[3]

[1] John 3.16-17; 6.44
[2] John 10.11, 14-16
[3] John 14.26; 16.7, 13-14