Monday, March 25, 2013

A Poem in Praise of the Eternality of God

I’ve been thinking about God’s eternality and letting my mind reel in the vastness.  I’ve been thinking of the passage in 2 Peter 3.8:
But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day.

Yesterday, Today, Forever

My mind is to grasp, sit up, take notice,
            to ponder and reflect upon depths beyond my depth

You, O God, keep pace by a different time piece

With time, in time, above time—just in time
You weave a dance that is layered and thick

Eternity opened its eyes and You were already awake—
            active, radiant, Father to Son in the Spirit of love

“A thousand years like one day”—so says the text and so my mind wonders…

1776 is but a few hours ago; near half a day sees Luther’s hammer begin its resounding ring

A full day—ah, we arrogantly label of Ages the Middle
            but You behold a different hourglass and so say “yesterday”

Clarity, clearness, Your memory is clean

My memory, a date or two but You…

You delightfully know every face, thought, and hair out of place
            You justly remember and remember again—all will be remembered no matter the

Intoxicating Eternity, a teaspoon I’m done and undone
            and yet the text says still more…

“One day is like a thousand years” and here I pause (Selah)

Words have meaning and metaphors fly,
            and so I run until weary just touching the wing.

The day, some day, a day—today?
            My mind bends and expands—an inch or two

But how? 
Will the closet of Your glory be artfully stuffed into the luggage of 24 hours?

Or maybe—am I allowed to dream?—maybe in Your eyes and by Your hands
            a millennia of activity will transpire and expire this day

Seven Billion crawl on this dust chip
            living, dreaming, hoping, dying, living…

and You stoop to behold each one
            All hairs counted and all thoughts known—billions of pieces and, yet, Your one plan

History is short—two days ago, Jesus
Today is vast—Come, Lord Jesus, perhaps tomorrow?

I am lost in Your immensity but not lost in Your love
            so I smile