Friday, November 16, 2012

40 Days for Life Fall 2012 Results

Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life gives this update from the latest 40 Days campaign.

In addition to the 789 lives confirmed saved during this
fall's campaign -- and one Planned Parenthood abortion
center CLOSED DOWN -- we also saw six workers leave the
abortion industry ... three of them during the final
days of the campaign.

On the webcast, former Planned Parenthood abortion
center director Abby Johnson reported the impact this
is having on the nation's largest abortion chain:

  "Planned Parenthood is terrified of all of these
   workers who are leaving. We know just from the
   workers that have left there is definitely a
   heightened sense of paranoia inside the abortion
   clinics. They don't feel like they can trust any of
   their workers. You know what? They can't. Because
   it's a constant fear, oh gosh, are they talking to
   people with 40 Days for Life?"

Abby explained that many of the quitting workers turn
around and take action to overcome the injustices and
corruption they witnessed inside the abortion industry:

  "Currently there are four pending lawsuits out against
   Planned Parenthood that would total billions and
   billions of dollars that these affiliates would be
   required to pay back to federal and state government.
   Because all of these cases, one thing that we have in
   common is that we are all accusing Planned Parenthood
   of Medicaid fraud ... there are huge implications if
   these lawsuits are successful."

One BIG encouragement that Abby shared about 40 Days for
Life efforts:

  "I remember the last Planned Parenthood conference
   that I went to before I quit. We were actually
   talking about the 40 Days for Life. Planned
   Parenthood was saying that their no-show rates go
   up as high as 75% when people are simply standing
   and praying outside of abortion clinics."

A 75% abortion no-show rate ... WOW.

Bottom line: God is making a profound, life-saving
difference ... through YOU!