Monday, April 2, 2012

Letter to the Editor on Planned Parenthood and NOW

A local newspaper, The Glendale Star, recently published my "letter to the editor" in their March 29, 2012 edition.  Here's my letter:
"A recent front page article (March 15, 2012) contained a story about those protesting against Congressman Trent Franks’ bill he sponsored regarding fetal pain (H.R. 3803/S. 2103).  Planned Parenthood and National Organization for Women (NOW) were there to protest and, as is typical, engaged in the usual linguistic obfuscation.  One of the NOW representatives is quoted as saying, “Franks should find something better to do than stomp on the women of D.C.”  Another person is quoted as using the language of “wage a war on women.”  These comments betray a lack of insight into the legislation and, perhaps, an intentional misdirection of thinking.  How is it that legislation that seeks to protect human life in the womb is caricatured as “stomping” on women?  Is it really a “war on women” for elected officials to take an interest in human life—human life that is capable of feeling pain?  Even the overly latitudinarian Roe v. Wade acknowledged the state’s interest in life in the womb “for the stage subsequent to viability.”  Furthermore, I thought the mantra in support of abortion rights was, “Safe, legal, and rare.”  Why should there be a problem or protest if politicians seek legislation that helps make late term abortions rare?  The protesting and rhetoric of Planned Parenthood and NOW against common sense, life affirming legislation is an indicator of hypocrisy.  As more light is shone on the reality of human life in the womb the more shrill and extreme do the statements by Planned Parenthood and NOW become in comparison.  The pain that children in the womb can and do experience is seen to be nothing by these organizations.  All that matters, it seems, for these groups is that there be no restrictions whatsoever to stand in the way of sacrificing human life on the altar of whim and convenience."