Monday, March 5, 2012

40 Days for Life Update--148 Babies Saved!

It is day 13 of  the current 40 Days for Life campaign.  Here is a selection from the daily update.

Happy Monday!

OK, many people dread Mondays. But if you follow these
updates, you know Mondays always bring wonderful news
to start the week.

Thus far during this 40 Days for Life campaign, we know
of at least ...

... 148 babies spared from abortion!

Praise God!

Here are a few of the stories, starting with a save at
one of the most hostile abortion centers in America.


One of the volunteers in Reno headed to the 40 Days for
Life vigil -- just barely remembering to bring her
"I regret my abortion" sign.

"I was praying specifically that God would stir a heart
within the building," she said. There were plenty of
distractions. This is the abortion center that blasts
foul music over an outdoor sound system, and posts
"anti-protester" signs on the fence around the property.

She soon noticed an SUV pulling out of the driveway
with a young couple in the front seat. The woman,
sitting in the passenger’s seat, was in tears.

The young man driving stopped and rolled down his
window. "She didn't do it," he said. He told the
volunteer, "She saw your sign -- and didn't want to
do it."

"They were both so grateful that we were there praying
and sharing our personal hurt," she said. "I'm so
grateful that God can make beauty from ashes." And,
she said, grateful that two first-time vigil
participants got to experience God's saving power
through prayer.


One of the prayer volunteers at the 40 Days for Life
vigil in Washington watched as a young couple walked
into Planned Parenthood. He quickly tried to say a
few words as the door was closing.

The young woman seemed interested in what the volunteer
was saying, and she glanced back at him -- through
Planned Parenthood's glass front doors -- several
times. But then they disappeared inside.

"A couple of hours later, they came out," he said.
The young woman "told me she changed her mind about
having an abortion and will keep her baby."

A Planned Parenthood escort tried to discourage the
couple from talking to him, but finally gave up when
it was obvious the young man and woman wanted to take
his pro-life information.


Patricia, an Austin prayer volunteer, met a young
couple who were seeking an abortion. They told her they
really did not want the abortion, but due to their
financial situation they felt they had no other choice.

Patricia was able to share information about positive
community resources. The couple found one of the
recommended heath care providers and made an appointment
right away. They were determined that if there was an
alternative, they were going to find it.

The couple also picked out a pregnancy resource center
and said they would go there immediately after their
appointment at the healthcare clinic. They thanked
Patricia and drove out of the parking lot.

They chose life!