Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Michele Bachmann in The New Yorker

The recent issue of The New Yorker (August 15, 2011) has an article by Ryan Lizza entitled "Leap of Faith."  This is a lengthy article about Michele Bachmann and the influences on her thought and life.  What is interesting is to see the number of individuals that have been influential in evangelical circles over the past 40 years and how they have shaped Bachmann.  The article mentions all the following: Francis Schaeffer (How Should We Then Live), Nancy Pearcey (Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity), John Eidsmoe (Christianity and the Constitution), David Noebel (Understanding the Times), and Steve Wilkins' biography of Robert E. Lee.  The article's author finds all of this disturbing--too Christian, too right-wing, etc.  Whatever else one may think of Mrs. Bachmann and her political skills she certainly has had training in a biblical worldview.  The article is worth looking at--HERE.